our Robot-Kits

varikabi, varikabo and tinobo are innovative, biologically inspired robot kits that respond particularly perceptive to their surroundings. With a patented combination of light sensors, they can identify objects, obstacles, shadows, or markings on the floor by means of the slightest contrast in brightness. The variable analog control circuits function entirely without a microcontroller and programming.


The kits offer long-lasting fun and variation!

the MiniBot for soldering

T2-R2 DIY MiniBot

the MiniBot for plugging

Roboterbausatz mibo

the Robot-Kit for soldering & plugging

Roboter Lötbausatz tibo von VARIOBOT

the bionic Robot-Spider

Roboter-Spinne spido als Lötbausatz

tibo as line follower and robot spider spido