the History of tinobo

from Tino Werner / 21.09.2014

analog controlled mini robots
1999: analog controlled mini robots

During the course of my studies in telematics, I discovered a simple control process (Braitenberg vehicles) for mobile robots. 

After that, I developed and tested many ways of integrating sensors and implementing signals using simple robots with four photosensors and two operational amplifiers.

interacting light sensing robots with analog control circuit
2013.06: interacting ‘tibots’

Within the first 6 months of 2013, I signed a patent for the spider’s walking-kinematics and the sensor-based, analog control concept. 

Following that, I developed the little interacting Tibots, which were very well received in Germany at the 2013 Maker-Faire in Hannover and the ElektorLive! [Video

prototype of the analog robot kit tibo
2013.12: prototype of ‘tibo’

During the last six months of 2013, I optimized the Tibots with the plan of creating a simple version as a soldering kit that could be intuitively operated.  The controls circuit diagram was visible on the circuit board.  With a second amplifier unit, its transmitted infrared light became alterably controllable.  [Video]

tibo robot ready for the market
2014.06: tibo is ready for the market

All that was missing to call it a finished product was an eye-catching design, suitable packaging, and most of all, a complete instruction manual for both construction and experimentation.