the variable MiniBot

Roboterbausatz mit 8 verblüffenden Funktionen

This small sensor-controlled and easy to build robot kit has a variable control circuit for plugging.


kabibo provides eight amazing functions:

  1. obstacle avoidance with flight behavior 
  2. Parcours driver with speed adjustment
  3. Line follower with track width detection 
  4. Object remover with size recognition 
  5. Object follower with collision avoidance
  6. Shadow follower looking for a roof 
  7. Light follower with distance detection
  8. Sunbather or buzzing mosquito 

A small Robot with many possibilities

Its patented sensor technology allows kabibo to respond in a particularly sensitive manner to his environment and detect objects and obstacles using only brightness contrasts. Its "brain cells" are two transistors but they are capable of a lot. Because of the mini-breadboard different control  circuits are build in no time. 

With kabibo you learn electronic knowledge in a playful way. Through diverse circuits and different alignment of the sensors you gradually explore eight amazing functions and behaviors.

kabibo follows objects or push them ahead
kabibo follows objects in a certain distance or pushes blocks carefully ahead and varies his speed depending on their size.
kabibo follows or flees from the shadow of your hand
kabibo follows the shadow of the hand or flees from it. Similarly, he can revolve under a lamp or follow it at a specific distance.
kabibo avoids collisions in parcours and varies its speed
kabibo avoids obstacles and masters self-made parcours. He brakes in tight spaces and accelerate if someone follows him.
kabibo detects and follows a line
kabibo follows a line and varies his speed depending on the track width or he sees it as a limitation which is not allowed to cross.

The video shows two of the many functions of MiniBot.  

A teacher from Singapore about kabibo

Danny Choi from the Yishun Town Secondary School in Singapore uses our robot kits for his lessons. He wrote:

"I like your idea a lot. The set up is simple yet the content is rich. I want more people to know this idea. 

Thank you for making the world a better one. That is the whole point of science and engineering."

The composition

The set-up of kabibo is done in an hour. You only need a 9 V battery, pliers and a cutter. Soldering is not required. From the assembling of the robot to the first start - all necessary steps are described in detail in the construction manual and documented with numerous illustrations. The experiments guide shows the construction of eight control circuits, explains how they work and how the different functions can be used. The English manual can be downloaded herekabibo offers fun and variety for a long time! 

The parts of the robot-kit
The parts of the robot-kit

Your individual Mini-Robot

kabibo is available in seven different colors: blue, red, green, black, light green, yellow and white. The cable ties can be stick out in different directions as feelers, as feathers or as tail or they can be cut as desired. With creativity you can even vary the shape and you are able to build a upright runnig robot out of the same parts. It is available separately or as set for seven robots, which is a good choice for using it in schools or workshops.

kabibo is available in eight colors: blue, red, green, black, light green, yellow, white/pink and multicolored
kabibo is available in eight colors: blue, red, green, black, light green, yellow, white/pink and multicolored